Lahti City Theatre listed by Docomomo Finland as a modern Finnish architectural masterpiece

The Lahti City Theatre has been honoured with inclusion in the register of masterpieces of Finnish Modernism by Docomomo Suomi Finland ry.

Designed by PES-Architects’ founding partner Pekka Salminen as the winning entry in an open architectural competition in 1973, the building was completed in 1983 and was already awarded the Finnish Concrete Prize in 1982.

The building was designed as a total work of art with the architecture, interior and entrance plaza forming a cohesive, thoughtfully detailed whole. The main material used in both the interiors and the facades is concrete worked with various methods.

Pekka Salminen expressed his delight at the recognition, stating, "The inclusion of the Lahti City Theatre in Docomomo's register is a testament to its significance as work of Modernist architecture. I consider the building one of my finest achievements alongside the Marienkirche Konzertkirche in Neubrandenburg."

PES-Architects is currently working on plans for the upcoming renovation of the theatre. “I’m confident that the status of the building as a recognised architectural masterpiece will help to preserve the original design and spirit of the building for future generations through any repairs and upgrades,” says Salminen.

Docomomo International, founded in 1988, is an organization for the research and conservation of modern architecture. Docomomo Suomi Finland acts as an expert organisation for modern architecture in Finland. The most central part of Finnish Docomomo’s work is maintaining a selection of important architectural and environmental sites.

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