22 08 2023

Turku Music Hall Fuuga progresses to the construction phase

The Turku Music Hall Fuuga is now entering the construction phase, after the Turku City Council approved the construction documents in its meeting on 21 August 2023.

Construction is set to begin on the eastern bank of the Aura River in central Turku in October 2023. The opening of the music hall is planned for late spring 2026.

“The decision to move ahead is a great relief and cause for joy for the entire alliance,” says Tuomas Silvennoinen, PES-Architects partner and chief designer of the project. “The work effort to date has been enormous, and the journey can now continue towards realisation. I’d like to thank all the designers, collaborators and especially PES-Architects’ own team for their outstanding work so far.”

“The City has made a number of large and significant strategic cultural investments in recent years, many of them related to the Cultural Riverbank being developed along the Aura River. Music Hall Fuuga is among the largest of these investments, and it continues our work to strengthen the status and vitality of culture in Turku. The Music Hall will also support the community spirit as a building intended for all the people of Turku. Therefore, I think it’s important that it offers a wide range of events and content for everyone,” says Minna Arve, Mayor of Turku.

Music Hall Fuuga is set to be a versatile, exciting cultural venue, providing world-class acoustics in a 1,300-seat concert hall designed primarily for orchestral music, and a 300-seat multipurpose hall. Acoustic quality will be ensured by the internationally acclaimed acoustician Eckhard Kahle.

In addition to being home to the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, Fuuga will also serve a variety of other forms of music and art. The building will also contain a restaurant open to the public throughout the day, as well as a rooftop terrace with a restaurant and garden.

The alliance project team includes the City of Turku as the client, Hartela Länsi-Suomi Oy, PES-Architects Ltd, WSP Finland Oy, and Laidun-design Oy and the Akukon & Kahle Acoustics Consortium as subcontractors.

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