01 07 2015

Ring Rail (Kehärata) Line opened to passengers
on 1st July 2015

PES-Architects has been involved in one of the most significant public transport projects in the Helsinki region for more than a decade. The Helsinki kehärata light rail line opened to passengers this week. The new line provides a fundamental link between Helsinki city centre, Helsinki Airport and the rest of Finland.

PES-Architects have designed the underground stations of Aviapolis, Airport, Ruskeasanta and Viinikkala, which included the stations’ platforms, exit routes, emergency escape routes and service shafts as well as the above ground entrance buildings and service buildings.

The Ring Rail Line will provide a key public transport link for the entire metropolitan area. The number of daily journeys on the line is estimated to be about 150,000. The new rail line connects the Vantaankoski line and main line, creating an important transverse rail link between East and West Vantaa.