05 03 2013

PES-Architects’ Wuxi Grand Theatre received extensive press coverage

The new theatre has been presented extensively on more than 40 of the most influential architectural websites. It has been featured in more than 50 international architecture magazines or books and has also drawn attention from Travel and Lifestyle magazines, which have been interested in it as a new cultural site, within China. Finnair's inflight magazine Blue Wings presented the building in its November issue as Finnish architecture’s latest international flagship project.

Last October, Wuxi Grand Theatre was featured at the World Architecture Festival 2012 held in Singapore, where it was shortlisted for best cultural building, and was exhibited at the Prague Architecture Week 2012.

The Theatre attracted a significant amount of interest as part of The Seven Connections exhibition produced by PES-Architects in co-operation with the Museum of Finnish Architecture during Radical Design Week. The event which was the only major international event of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program took place in in Shanghai from 28th October to 5th November 2012.

Alongside this, the joint exhibition Contemporary Bamboo produced by Avarte-China on the work of Pekka Salminen and Yrjö Kukkapuro extensively displayed the new innovative bamboo technology used in the Grand Theatre.